We have many opportunities for you to help us serve the needs of our Lydia's Place Friends. We know it is extremely important to find the area that matches your passion and your expertise. We also know that time management is a big part of the decision to volunteer or not to volunteer. Our opportunities vary from a small amount of time to larger amounts of time. It all depends on what level you would like to serve with us.
No matter what level you serve with Lydia's Place, we want you to feel that you have made a difference in the lives of young people and your time, skills and resources were used efficiently and respectfully.



We have many committees with positions open right now that you can join. These committees are each headed by a chair person and work to support the operations, services and fundraising of the organization. 

Our Committees:
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Fundraising & Events
  • Church Outreach/Relations
  • Corporate Sponsors/Business Relations
  • Donor Appreciation
  • Volunteers
Other Committees go to support our services:
  • Provisions of Hope 
  • Lydia's Homeplace
  • Lydia's Leaders


Students who have experienced foster care and/or homelessness navigate unique circumstances, often without extensive networks of support. We ask for prayer for these students. Pray for hope and sincere connections

The goal of the prayer teams is to develop a high-level network of prayer, spiritual and emotional support for the goals of Lydia’s Place. Although prayer is the initial support goal of the teams, the hope is that through these prayer teams we can form a strong support channel for the organization that spreads the good news and the many lives Lydia’s Place impacts to potentially new prayer team members or other forms of support for Lydia’s Place.



Lydia's Place is seeking Mentor Applicants for the Lydia's Leaders Program. the goal of the Lydia's Leaders Mentor Program is to bring enthusiastic, dedicated and careing business leaders in our community and connect them with our young adult students and become a part of their "Circle of Hope". This "Circle of Hope" is a major part of our development program for our Lydia's Place Friends and works to help develop leadership skills and confidence as well as provide friendship, encouragement and support as the young leaders grow!


Board members of the Lydia's Place should, first and foremost, possess a passion for the work of being done with young adults and homelessness. When deciding whether you are ready to commit to serving on the Governing Board or our Advisory Board, consider your ability to:

  • Be present. Participating in most Board of Directors meetings is imperative. Serving on a Board Committee and attending most of its meetings is also vital. (The board meets every other month on the 1st Wednesday of that month). These are the primary instruments of how the Board accomplishes its work; without being present at these meetings, it is difficult to actually serve.
  • Be a champion of Lydia's Place. Promote Lydia's Place with peer organizations. Board members are asked to participate in events and furndraising during the year. Encourage indidviduals to participate in our informational events, fundraising events and supportive collections and material drives. Advocate for causes near and dear to homelessness and homeless students in our community and area. 
  • Be a connector. Connect Lydia's Place to like-minded organizations, companies who can support our work, and individuals who are passionate about the cause. Help us find support & referral partners, business partner members, mentors, etc. 
  • Be a teammate. We won't always agree. When we don't, we discuss and seek consensus. Then, no matter what we decide, support it as one team.
  • Be diligent. Reply timely to staff and colleagues. Take time to review meeting agendas. Be knowledgeable about Board policy and how the organization is governed. Hold each other accountable.

If you're ready to commit to these things, then it might be your time to join the 
Lydia's Place Board of Directors . We need you. But, more importantly, we need your commitment.