In 2022, Lydia’s Place began a test launch of “Elevate,” a two-year pilot residential program focused on providing affordable housing while offering intensive case management, support, and resources for students who are working toward education, employment, and independent living. Each student is placed in a furnished apartment with a separate bedroom, shared bathroom, living space, and kitchen. Utilities are provided, including electricity, water, and internet. Students are given access to the Boutique, which is stocked with donations from the community. They are able to select clothes, shoes, toiletries, furniture, home goods, cleaning supplies, kitchenware, books, and electronics at no cost to themselves. Students participate in one year of independent living training to learn valuable skills such as finances, health, leadership, and personal development. We require each student to attend bi-weekly group meetings and participate in one-on-one mentoring with a volunteer once a month. During the second year, students continue to set goals towards independent living as they prepare to graduate from “Elevate.”