Lydia Hight, born in 1891, exemplified our mission. As a single mother she worked hard and loved beyond her own family. She was once asked, “what was it like to live through the Great Depression?.” She thought for a moment and responded, “son, I never knew when it came and I never knew when it went.” To say she lived modestly is an understatement, but she did not allow her situation to keep her from caring for others.

Lydia walked 2 1/2 miles each way to work in a pants factory then came home and gardened, often selling butter to make ends meet. With her small income she saved and purchased land putting one home and then three on the property. Here she housed people and families who needed a place to live until they were ready to relaunch.

In the Bible, Lydia is known as “the seller of purple and the lady of welcome.” In one of the only verses she is mentioned she says, “if you believe me to be a follower of Jesus Christ, come into my house and stay.” Acts 16:15.

Lydia Hight, the founder’s grandmother, along with Lydia mentioned in the Bible serve as the inspiration for Lydia’s Place as we welcome young adults and allow them to stay as long as they need.