Our Board of Directors
(Governing Board)

Lydia's Place Governing Board Members are volunteers who dedicate their time, talents, and resources to our special ministry. They posses a passion for our strategic goals and work to achieve those goals for the ministry through that passion. Our initial Board of Directors and the members that have followed have blessed Lydia's Place with their time and commitment. We are always looking for dedicated, talented and motivated individuals to help lead our ministry and programs. With the creation of our Advisory Board in 2020, we are opening more opportunities to help influence and guide our organization to attain our goals! If interested in serving please contact us -contact@lydias-place.com .


Robin Woodall
Robin WoodallPresident
April Farlow
April FarlowFounder & Past President
Jeff Kellar
Jeff KellarTreasurer
Jessica Roberts
Jessica RobertsSecretary
Cindy Schulman
Cindy Schulman
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams
Brock Toole
Brock Toole
Betty Jo Walton
Betty Jo Walton
Megan Green
Megan Green

Our Advisory Board

Richard Boone
Richard BooneAdvisory Board Chair
Diane Brantley
Diane Brantley
John Brantley
John Brantley
Matt Moore
Matt Moore

What Makes A Lydia's Place Board Member?


  • Hire, remunerate and review performance of the Lydia's Place staff
  • Establish and monitor financial controls
  • Protect the legal entity of Lydia's Place Inc.
  • Ensure the implementation of sound operating policies and procedures
  • Support proper marketing and public awareness of the ministry
  • Monitor appropriate funding and donor relations
  • Promote the appropriate growth and development of the Lydia's Place Ministry
  • Protect the vision, mission and values of the Lydia's Place ministry

Key Roles

  • Experienced leader as a Chairperson
  • Leader in Social Work, Family Sevices or Student Services
  • Leader wtih Legal/and or financial background
  • Leaders with a Ministry background
  • Leader with Marketing/PR/Fundraising background
  • Leader with technology background
  • Other areas that are important to our ministry

Skills and abilities

  • Successful in their profession
  • Networks with others (breadth and depth)
  • Resourceful/Creative problem solver
  • Time availability
  • Willing to be an ambassador of Lydia's Place

Character Qualities

  • Spiritually mature christian
  • Strong family life
  • Solid relationships
  • Active in their church and/or community
  • Passionate about the Lydia's Place ministry, vision and mission