RadioX - Damien Godfrey

RadioX - Damien Godfrey

Damien Godfrey with Lydia’s Place

Lydia’s Place serves young adults from ages 14 to 26 who have experienced foster care or homelessness. Built on Christian principles, they seek to demonstrate God’s love by providing basic needs during the transition to independent living.

Lydia’s Place is currently working to fund an on-campus apartment at the University of Georgia to be used for emergency housing. Students in need of housing will be given a place to stay for up to two weeks while a more permanent housing plan is being established.

Their next step is to build or renovate a larger facility in order to provide housing to needful students from UGA as well as surrounding schools such as Athens Technical College, Piedmont College and University of North Georgia.

Kerrie and Damien


21 December 2017