Open Door Sisterhood Interview

Open Door Sisterhood Interview

Sister Interview: We Found Some World Changers!

We went on a quest. We wanted to know the world changers in your life. Who takes that next step? Does that hard thing? In order to walk through the doors God is opening. Who is a world changer for good right where she is? Well we got great nominations from you, our listeners, and we are featuring two of the women in this special episode of the podcast.

Meet April Farlow and Becky Jarvis, two women who have felt unique assignments from God. Though one stepped out in her community and one grew her family, they have many themes in common. They both are working toward orphan care. How that plays out in their lives is quite different. Neither one set out to be where she is today, but both surrendered their plans to God’s. And in that step by step surrender they’ve found purpose and God’s call to be world changers right where they are.

You will be inspired to walk through the doors God is opening by hearing these two stories. We are sure of it.




21 December 2017